Monday, January 25, 2010
For 16 years I have been “confined “to a wheel chair following an ATV accident. Being an avid hunter & outdoorsman prior to my accident it's been very hard for me to “settle” for the very limited access to the outside that I loved & still love so much. Tim Swenson from Action manufacturing is now selling an item that redefines more than just confinement, it redefines life for me.

The Action Track Chair by action manufacturing in Marshall Minnesota has come a long way in removing common obstacles from the person wanting to be outside. Though not capable of going anywhere, it definitely makes most places & terrains obtainable to the ambulatorily weakened individual. From the elderly person that basically has trouble getting around the yard or garden. To the paralyzed folks that require to go to that place they used to go. Hunting spots, fishing holes, hiking trails, beaches, swamps, etc. are accessible again with the Action Trak....

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