Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Starting in the Summer of 2007 the American Crossbow Federation instituted a new award to be presented on a quarterly basis to an outstanding supporter of the grassroots crossbow movement. The ACF Lion Heart Award is presented to a deserving member that has gone the extra mile in helping to promote and preserve the crossbow hunting opportunity during the course of his or her daily life.

Any ACF Member whose dues are current or is a paid Life Member may present the name of a nominee for the ACF Lion Heart Award. The criterion is simple. Each candidate should be nominated because of the effort that he or she is putting forth to expand the crossbow hunting opportunity. We are not looking for the professional writers, TV personalities or other industry figures; we are instead looking for the grassroots crossbow advocate. You folks know who they are when you see them. They may be working with legislators or doing public speaking on a local basis. They may be working to organize crossbow events or found organizations. They may be posting on web sites and taking the lead in crossbow discussions and debates. But, whatever they are doing, they are doing it to help create more opportunities to hunt with and shoot the crossbow, worldwide...

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