Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sixpoint GT FlexThe GT Flex crossbow is made by U.S. Crossbowyer TenPoint, but they label it “SixPoint” a logo type reserved for bows marketed within the lower finish of their price range. Interesting as that may seem, somebody who reads my reviews will know that I recognize & applaud high quality; what is less widely known is that I warn companies to take care over what they send me. If they need a nice review it had better be a nice product. & there, on my doorstep, I see an cheap bow from a company famed as the marketer of the Cadillac of crossbows. Cheap is a relative term, but the GT Flex is around a third of the price of some.

The box felt light. In it was a crossbow in three main parts, a recurve prod & a mainframe with stock attached, & some bits & pieces.

A striking feature is the fact that fact of the barrel of the bow being in three separated sections with the deck & the lower part (to which the fore-hand is attached) secured only at the latch finish, & otherwise free-floating, like a giant tuning fork. SixPoint or not, all of the machining & general quality of the engineering were up to normal TenPoint standards & a joy to behold.

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